May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit Replay

Conference Presentation Slides

2017 Embedded Vision Summit Slides
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Conference Overview Presentations

Welcome Remarks and Conference Overview (Day 1)
Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance

Welcome Remarks and Conference Overview (Day 2)
Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance

Keynote Presentation

"Deep Visual Understanding from Deep Learning"
Professor Jitendra Malik, University of California, Berkeley

Business Insights Track Presentations

"Video Cameras Without Video: Opportunities For Sensing With Embedded Vision"
Michael Tusch

"This Changes Everything — Why Computer Vision Will Be Everywhere"
Tim Ramsdale, ARM

"How to Start an Embedded Vision Company"
Chris Rowen, Cognite Ventures

"1,000X in Three Years: How Embedded Vision is Transitioning from Exotic to Everyday"
Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance and BDTI

"Vision for All?"
Jeff McVeigh, Intel

Vision Entrepreneurs' Panel

Vision Tank Competition Finalist Presentations
Always Innovating, Imagry, Lucid VR, Machines with Vision, and Perceptin

Enabling Technologies Track Presentations

"A Multi-purpose Vision Processor for Embedded Systems"
Michael Melle and Felix Nikolaus, Allied Vision

"A New Generation Vision Camera for Embedded Systems"
Paul Maria Zalewski, Allied Vision

"Computer Vision on ARM: The Spirit Object Detection Accelerator"
Tim Hartley, ARM

"Computer Vision on ARM: Faster Ways to Optimize Software for Advanced Mobile Computing Platforms"
Roberto Mijat, ARM

"Scalable Neural Network Processors for Embedded Applications"
Pulin Desai, Cadence

"Fast Inference in Low Power Systems via CEVA's Deep Neural Network Solution"
Yair Siegel, CEVA

"Implementing the TensorFlow Deep Learning Framework on Qualcomm’s Low-power DSP"
Pete Warden, Google

"How Intel’s Latest RealSense Technology Can Help Your Embedded Systems See, Navigate, and Understand the Real World"
Anders Grunnet-Jepsen, Intel

"Designing Scalable Embedded Vision SoCs from Day 1"
Pierre Paulin, Synopsys

"The Power of a Turnkey Camera Solution: Introduction to the Camera Development Kit"
Fan Wang, Thundersoft

"Caffe to Zynq: State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Inference Performance in Less Than 5 Watts"
Vinod Kathail, Xilinx

"OpenCV on Zynq: Accelerating 4k60 Dense Optical Flow and Stereo Vision"
Nick Ni, Xilinx

Fundamentals Track Presentations

"Demystifying Deep Neural Networks"
Shehrzad Qureshi, BDTI

"A Shallow Dive into Training Deep Neural Networks"
Sammy Sidhu, DeepScale

Technical Insights Track Presentations

"Techniques to Reduce Power Consumption in Embedded DNN Implementations"
Samer Hijazi, Cadence

"The OpenVX Computer Vision Library Standard for Portable, Efficient Code"
Frank Brill, Cadence and the Khronos Group

"Training CNNs for Efficient Inference"
Paul Brasnett, Imagination Technologies

"Designing Deep Neural Network Algorithms for Embedded Devices"
Minje Park, Intel

"Making OpenCV Code Run Fast"
Vadim Pisarevsky, Intel

"The Battle Between Traditional Algorithms and Deep Learning: The 3 Year Horizon"
Cormic Brick, Intel (Movidius Group)

"The Vision Acceleration API Landscape: Options and Trade-offs"
Neil Trevett, Khronos Group and NVIDIA

"Moving CNNs from Academic Theory to Embedded Reality"
Tom Michiels, Synopsys

Technology Showcase Demonstrations






Please plan to join us May 22-24, 2018 in Santa Clara, California.