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"Video Cameras Without Video: Opportunities For Sensing With Embedded Vision," a Presentation from Michael Tusch

Michael Tusch presents the "Video Cameras Without Video: Opportunities For Sensing With Embedded Vision" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

Within the next few years, network cameras will cease to be regarded primarily as image capture devices. They will instead transform into intelligent data capture nodes whose functionality will in many, but not all, cases include video capture. This evolution is driven not just by technological development but by the impossibility of transmitting, storing and remotely analyzing video from these devices in a manner commensurate with the cost and ease of deploying them. This transformation presents a host of opportunities for embedded vision in existing and yet-to-be-created markets. Using examples in biometric identification and smart city public safety, this talk provides insights into how these opportunities emerge and how they match up with the current state of the art in embedded vision and camera technology.