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May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit Slides

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The Embedded Vision Summit was held on May 1-3, 2017 in Santa Clara, California, as a educational forum for product creators interested in incorporating visual intelligence into electronic systems and software.

The presentations delivered at the Summit are listed below. All of the slides from these presentations are included in PDF form. To download the ZIP file, click on the link at the bottom of this page:

WELCOME AND Keynote Presentations:

  • Monday welcome remarks by Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance
  • "3D Computer Vision and Mixed Reality" by Marc Pollefeys, Microsoft / ETH Zurich
  • Tuesday welcome remarks by Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance
  • "Deep Visual Understanding from Deep Learning" by Professor Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley

Business Insights Track:

  • "Vision for All?" by Jeff McVeigh, Intel
  • "The Coming Shift from Image Sensors to Image Sensing" by Paul Gallagher, LG
  • "Video Cameras Without Video: Opportunities For Sensing With Embedded Vision" by Michael Tusch
  • "How 3D Maps Will Change the World" by Vitaliy Goncharuk, Augmented Pixels
  • "Using Satellites to Extract Insights on the Ground" by Boris Babenko, Orbital Insights
  • "Enabling the Full Potential of Machine Learning" by Derek Meyer, Wave Computing
  • "How to Start an Embedded Vision Company" by Chris Rowen, Cognite Ventures
  • "What’s Hot? The M&A and Funding Landscape for Computer Vision Companies" by Rudy Burger, Woodside Capital Partners
  • "This Changes Everything — Why Computer Vision Will Be Everywhere" by Tim Ramsdale, ARM
  • "Automakers at a Crossroads: How Embedded Vision and Autonomy Will Reshape the Industry" by Mark Bünger, Lux Research
  • "Intelligent Video Surveillance: Are We There Yet?" by Nik Gagvani, CheckVideo
  • "Blending Cloud and Edge Machine Learning to Deliver Real-time Video Monitoring" by Carter Maslan, Camio
  • "1000x in Three Years: How Embedded Vision is Transitioning from Exotic to Everyday" by Jeff Bier, BDTI and Embedded Vision Alliance
  • "The Rapid Evolution and Future of Machine Perception" by Jay Yagnik, Google
  • "Using Markerless Motion Capture to Win Baseball Games" by Steven Cadavid, KinaTrax
  • "Designing Vision Systems for Human Operators and Workflows: A Case Study" by Arun Chhabra, 8tree
  • "Another Set of Eyes: Machine Vision Automation Solutions for In Vitro Diagnostics" by Sadie Zeller, Microscan
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Adam Rowell, Lucid VR
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Anthony Ashbrook, Machines with Vision
  • Vision Tank...
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