May 2015 Embedded Vision Summit Replay

Conference Presentation Slides

2015 Embedded Vision Summit Slides
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Conference Overview Presentation

Welcome Remarks and Conference Overview
Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance

Conference Keynote Presentations

"Bringing Computer Vision to the Consumer"
Mike Aldred, Dyson

"Enabling Ubiquitous Visual Intelligence Through Deep Learning"
Ren Wu, Baidu

Conference Technical Presentations

"Harman’s Augmented Navigation Platform—The Convergence of ADAS and Navigation"
Alon Atsmon, Harmon International

"System-level Design for Embedded Vision with FPGA-based Programmable SoCs"
Mario Bergeron, Avnet Electronics Marketing

"Choosing a Processor for Embedded Vision: Options and Trends"
Jeff Bier, BDTI

"The OpenCV Open Source Computer Vision Library: Latest Developments"
Gary Bradski, OpenCV Foundation

"Enabling the Factory of the Future with Embedded Vision"
Andy Chang, National Instruments

"Overcoming Barriers to Consumer Adoption of Vision-enabled Products and Services"
John Feland, Argus Insights

"Understanding Adaptive Machine Learning Vision Algorithms and Implementing Them on GPUs and Heterogeneous Platforms"
Harris Gasparakis, AMD

"Deep Learning-based Visual Perception in Mobile and Embedded Devices: Opportunities and Challenges"
Jeff Gelhart, Qualcomm

"OpenCV for Embedded: Lessons Learned"
Yury Gorbachev, Itseez

"Trade-offs in Implementing Deep Neural Networks on FPGAs"
Nagesh Gupta, Auviz

"Developing High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Vision Solutions Using Open-Standard Libraries and APIs"
Mostafa Hagog, Intel

"Implementing Eye Tracking for Medical, Automotive, and Headset Applications"
Dan Isaacs, Xilinx and Robert Chappell, EyeTech Digital Systems

"3D from 2D: Theory, Implementation, and Applications of Structure from Motion"
Marco Jacobs, videantis

"Tailoring Convolutional Neural Networks for Low-Cost, Low-Power Implementation"
Bruno Lavigueur, Synopsys

"Bringing New Capabilities to Users and Industries with Mobile 3D Vision"
Ken Lee, VanGogh Imaging

"Understanding the Role of Integrated GPUs in Vision Applications"
Roberto Mijat, ARM

"Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Vision-Based Automotive Safety and Autonomous Driving Systems"
Simon Morris, CogniVue

"Low-power Embedded Vision: A Face Tracker Case Study"
Pierre Paulin, Synopsys

"Designing and Selecting Instruction Sets for Vision"
Chris Rowen, Cadence Design Systems

"The Evolution of Object Recognition in Embedded Systems"
Moshe Shahar, CEVA

"Efficient Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks using OpenCL on FPGAs"
Deshanand Singh, Altera

"Navigating the Vision API Jungle: Which API Should You Use and Why?"
Neil Trevett, Khronos Group

"Using Vision to Create Smarter Consumer Devices with Improved Privacy"
Michael Tusch, Apical

"Vision-as-a-Service: Democratization of Vision for Consumers and Businesses"
Herman Yau, Tend

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