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"The OpenCV Open Source Computer Vision Library: Latest Developments," a Presentation from the OpenCV Foundation

Gary Bradski, President and CEO of the OpenCV Foundation, presents the "OpenCV Open Source Computer Vision Library: Latest Developments" tutorial at the May 2015 Embedded Vision Summit.

OpenCV is an enormously popular open source computer vision library, with over 9 million downloads. Originally used mainly for research and prototyping, in recent years OpenCV has increasingly been used in deployed products on a wide range of platforms from cloud to mobile.

The latest version, OpenCV 3.0 is currently in beta, and is a major overhaul, bringing OpenCV up to modern C++ standards and incorporating expanded support for 3D vision. The new release also introduces a modular “contrib” facility that enables independently developed modules to be quickly integrated with OpenCV as needed, providing a flexible mechanism to allow developers to experiment with new techniques before they are officially integrated into the library.

In this talk, Gary Bradski, head of the OpenCV Foundation, provides an insider’s perspective on the new version of OpenCV and how developers can utilize it to maximum advantage for vision research, prototyping, and product development.