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"Using Vision to Create Smarter Consumer Devices with Improved Privacy," a Presentation from Apical

Michael Tusch, Founder and CEO of Apical, presents the "Using Vision to Create Smarter Consumer Devices with Improved Privacy" tutorial at the May 2015 Embedded Vision Summit.

Machines are valuable primarily due to their ability interact with people and with the physical world. But today, most of the consumer devices in the “Internet of Things” know very little about their environment. Of all the available sensory inputs, visual imagery is potentially the richest source. However, extracting information from video in real time remains challenging and the capture of video raises privacy questions. However, now it is becoming practical to imbue many of these IoT devices with visual intelligence, enabling them to gather not only more information, but better insights into users and their environments. Armed with these insights, IoT devices can become more intelligent, more responsive and easier to use.

In this talk, Michael explores what types of visual intelligence are currently feasible in consumer devices, and how this will evolve in the near future.