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The Embedded Vision Academy is a free online training facility for embedded vision product developers. This program provides educational and other resources to help engineers integrate visual intelligence―the ability of electronic systems to see and understand their environments―into next-generation embedded and consumer devices.

The goal of the Academy is to make it possible for engineers worldwide to gain the skills needed for embedded vision product and application development. Course material in the Embedded Vision Academy spans a wide range of vision-related subjects, from basic vision algorithms to image pre-processing, image sensor interfaces, and software development techniques and tools such as OpenCV. Courses will incorporate training videos, interviews, demonstrations, downloadable code, and other developer resources―all oriented towards developing embedded vision products.

The Embedded Vision Alliance™ plans to continuously expand the curriculum of the Embedded Vision Academy, so engineers will be able to return to the site on an ongoing basis for new courses and resources. The listing below showcases the most recently published Embedded Vision Academy content. Reference the links on the right side of this page to access the full suite of embedded vision content, sorted by technology, application, function, viewer experience level, provider, and type.

Bo Wu, Technical Marketing Manager at Synopsys, delivers a technical presentration at the September 2012 Embedded Vision Summit.

Balwinder Kaur & Joe Rickson of Aptina Imaging break down Android's camera stack for the San Francisco Android User Group on Aug. 28, 2012.

Attendees of the 2012 HOT CHIPS symposium recently learned about Analog Devices’ new BF60x family of video and vision processors.

Professor Kristen Grauman of the University of Texas at Austin presents the keynote at the December 2012 Alliance Member Meeting.

Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance, interviews Daniel Wilding, National Instruments Digital Hardware Engineer.

The Alliance's Brian Dipert and BDTI's Eric Gregori deliver the technology trends presentation at the December 2012 Alliance Member Meeting.

Car manufacturers (OEMs) and system suppliers (tier 1) agree: ADAS will see a steep growth in the years to come.

The U.S. DOT proposed safety regulations to help eliminate the blind zones behind vehicles that can make it difficult to see pedestrians.

Eric Gregori, senior software engineer at BDTI, delivers a technical presentation at the September 2012 Embedded Vision Summit.

Avnet, CogniVue and Synopsys participate in a discussion panel moderated by Jeff Bier at the September 2012 Embedded Vision Summit.