Embedded Vision Alliance: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality: Another Future-Forecasting Video For You To See

Back in early April, I shared with you the futuristic concept video that accompanied the public unveiling of Google's Glass augmented reality system. I'll have more to say about Google Glass in the near future, as it received notable technology showcase at the recent Google I/O developer conference.

Google's Project Glass(es): A Further Loss Of Privacy With A Touch Of Class

Remember Google's augmented reality glasses, the rumors of which I mentioned back in late February? Well, they're real, as it turns out, at least in prototype form.

Augmented Reality: EE Times' Coverage At MWC

Thanks to the increasing prevalence of live blogs, video streams and the like, it's becoming increasingly feasible to cover a conference without even attending it, thanks to the remaining poor sods who still muster the enthusiasm to travel there. You'll note, for example, that I generated a lot of content in spite of not shuttling myself to "Sin City" for January's Consumer Electronics Show (although the "poor sods" in this case were my boss and co-worker!).

Augmented-Reality Glasses: Will Google Bring Them To The Masses?

I've been following with no shortage of interest the recent rumors that Google's developing glasses with built-in augmented reality displays. Initial reports came out last December, and were followed by more (supposed) information earlier this month (including the claim that they look like Oakley's Thump line, shown in the above image).

Augmented Reality: A David Pogue-Authored Summary

I hope that those of you who took last week off for the holidays had an enjoyable vacation! I worked part-time, but only part-time, and focused a decent chunk of off-hours attention (when I wasn't catching up on my accumulated sleep deficit, that is) working my way through an enormous pile of to-be-read books and magazines. I was only partly successful in my publication perusal endeavor, but among other things I processed a few back issues of Scientific American Magazine.

A Microsoft Research Mashup: Kinect + Augmented Reality = A Holodeck Mockup

I've often heard it claimed that Microsoft's Research Labs is the only remaining substantial-sized industry R&D arm, subsequent to the demise of Bell Labs and the downsizing of folks like Xerox PARC. While I don't have any particular interest in confirming or refuting the claim, what I will say with confidence is that the multi-site, multi-geography organization founded in 1991 comes up with some pretty amazing inventions.

Augmented Reality: Applications Strive For Meaningful Applicability