Embedded Vision Alliance: Robotics

Vision-Superior Robot Trumps Humans At Rock-Paper-Scissors, Ping Pong Balls

For the record, I'm pretty darn amazed at how speedily and accurately the embedded vision demo co-developed by Analog Devices and BDTI accomplishes its dice-counting task: much faster and more precise than me.

Microsoft's Robotics Studio: Kinect-Inclusive And Finalismo

In early August of last year, I pointed out that Microsoft had released the first public beta of its Kinect SDK for Windows in mid-June, followed by a Kinect-cognizant services suite for Robotics Developer Studio R3 in mid-July.

Microsoft Robotics Studio 4: A Beta That Moves Kinect-Based Embedded Vision Forward

Back in early August on this site, as well as a few weeks later in BDTI's monthly email newsletter, I mentioned that Microsoft had recently made two notable embedded vision announcements:

Robot Soldiers: Hampered By Their Imagers

Autonomous Robots: Employment Impacts, And An Editorial Showcase

Robotics is a key development focus area for embedded vision...err...visionaries. Perhaps the most popular robot line currently available for sale is the Roomba vacuum cleaner series and closely related Scooba floor scrubbers, designed and manufactured by iRobot (who, not coincidentally, is also a leading producer of military robotic systems). However, Roomba's visual acuity is at best limited.