Embedded Vision Alliance: Facial recognition

ID'ing The Intoxicated: Embedded Vision Picks Out The Inebriated

Speaking of infrared imaging...researchers Georgia Koukiou and Vassilis Anastassopoulos of the University of Patras in Greece recently published (in the International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics) the results of a study of 20 volunteers to test sobriety (or not) by means of computer algorithms.

Samsung And Google's Galaxy Nexus: A Facial Recognition Work In Progress

I've discussed several times, in past news writeups, the facial recognition-based unlock capabilities built into Google's Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich". Reading others' reviews gives only a secondhand perspective on a technology or product; a personal hands-on analysis is the preferable approach.

Face.com's Acquisition: Good For Facebook, Not So Much For Broader Facial Recognition Industry Ambitions

Back in mid-April, I devoted a news writeup to the latest developments at facial recognition algorithm developer Face.com, focusing in particular on the API that the company provided for third-party developer leverage, often free of charge. Those bountiful-technology days, unfortunately, have come and gone.

RecognizeMe: Underwhelming Facial Recognition, As Least Initially

Back in early April, I mentioned a facial recognition program called RecognizeMe, available for "jailbroken" Apple iOS-based hardware. I went ahead and dropped $2.99 on the program, then installed it on my fourth-generation iPod touch and two iPhone 4s (AT&T and Verizon); my first-generation iPad doesn't have a front-facing camera and is therefore not a testing candidate.

SceneTap: A Face Detection Privacy Flap

Back in September of last year, I introduced you to SceneTap, a service that uses webcams to provide a dynamically updated count of how many people are currently in a bar, restaurant, etc...along with estimates of male-to-female and age ratios, thereby implementing not only human face detection but also rudimentary face recognition (gender and age, but not specific-individual identification).

Makeup Selection: An Embedded Vision-Based Determination

As I've mentioned before (several times, in fact, along with publishing a demonstration video), various embedded vision-based systems are now appearing that assist you in selec

Identity, Age And Emotion: Facial Recognition Garners Abundant Promotion

Facial recognition software developer Face.com has been in the news quite a lot in recent months. Back in late January, for example, the company launched a free iOS-based app called KLIK which "uses face recognition to let you quickly tag your friends in real-time.

Samsung's Message To The Worried: Don't Be So Paranoid

Remember my writeup of a few weeks ago, wherein I noted that the Terms of Service in Samsung's new TVs (containing image sensors, microphones, and networking transceivers) included a clause allowing third-party apps to make use of

Facial Recognition Unlock: An iOS Jailbreak, And Samsung's Photo Block

While perusing a video (shown below) which entices viewers to jailbreak their Apple handheld hardware (and was of interest to me only as a source of potential new apps to install...I've already jailbroken my two iPhone 4s, along with my fourth-generation iPod touch and first-generation iPad), I came across the above still frame and found myself feeling both perplexed and curious.