Embedded Vision Alliance: microsoft

Recent Acquisitions: Microsoft Reportedly Buys VideoSurf

A Microsoft Research Mashup: Kinect + Augmented Reality = A Holodeck Mockup

I've often heard it claimed that Microsoft's Research Labs is the only remaining substantial-sized industry R&D arm, subsequent to the demise of Bell Labs and the downsizing of folks like Xerox PARC. While I don't have any particular interest in confirming or refuting the claim, what I will say with confidence is that the multi-site, multi-geography organization founded in 1991 comes up with some pretty amazing inventions.

Nokia's Windows Phone-Based Handsets: The Optics Make The Difference

Microsoft Robotics Studio 4: A Beta That Moves Kinect-Based Embedded Vision Forward

Back in early August on this site, as well as a few weeks later in BDTI's monthly email newsletter, I mentioned that Microsoft had recently made two notable embedded vision announcements:

Motion Capture: Embedded Vision Advancements Make It Beefier And Faster

I still remember my first SIGGRAPH, in 1999. At it, I auditioned my first motion capture system, and at first I admittedly wasn't very impressed. After all, the model employed in the demo was clad in a somewhat silly looking skin-tight outfit, complete with what looked like dozens of cotton balls attached at various points on his body.