Embedded Vision Alliance: gesture interface

A Living Room (Embedded) Vision: Samsung Brings Image Sensors To The Television

The persistent rumors of an impending Apple-branded television (likely integrating, among other things, the functionality of today's standalone Apple TV STB) seemingly has other consumer electronics manufacturers motivated to get out in front of the folks at One Infinite Loop, judging from the news coming out of Las Vegas.

Qualcomm Ramps Up Its Gesture Recognition Efforts Via GestureTek Asset Acquisition

Qualcomm Incorporated, a developer and licensor of wireless communications and mobile processing technologies, announced today that it has acquired a portion of the intellectual property assets of embedded vision pioneer GestureTek, along with "key engineering resources," focused on mobile applications. This is not an outright acquisition, however; GestureTek is "retaining other assets that relate to its gesture-controlled public display and digital signage business."

Most promising new application for Embedded Vision? Star Wars on Kinect.

We started a discussion in the Forums on Mass Effect 3, based on an E3 presentation.  However, the application that might sell the most Kinects will probably be this Star Wars game.  Join the forum discussion to help us analyze any insights into the future of gesture-based interfaces in more than just games.