Embedded Vision Alliance: Kinect

Kinect For Windows: Now Shipping (Along With "Gold" Software), Plus Developer Demos

As I previously reported in early January, Microsoft's Kinect for Windows hardware began showing up in various retail channels on February 1, right on schedule.

Making Things See: New from O'Reilly

One of the to-date reliable observations which guides my professional life is that a technology has "made it" when O'Reilly Media decides to cover it. Not that any of us in the embedded vision industry had any doubts until now, mind you, but it's time to extend congratulations to the concept of hacking the Microsoft Kinect.

Kinect Built Into the PC: Prototypes Suggest Inevitability

Two days from now, the PC-tailored and "close view"-supportive variant of Microsoft's Kinect will reportedly be available for sale.

Kinect for Windows' "Close Mode": Firmware Seemingly Carries The Full Load

Two weeks ago, when I first wrote about Microsoft's upcoming Kinect for Windows, I wondered how substantially it'd differ from the Xbox 360-intended model, and whether the changes would reflect evolution in software, hardware or both.

A Microsoft Research Mashup: Kinect + Augmented Reality = A Holodeck Mockup

I've often heard it claimed that Microsoft's Research Labs is the only remaining substantial-sized industry R&D arm, subsequent to the demise of Bell Labs and the downsizing of folks like Xerox PARC. While I don't have any particular interest in confirming or refuting the claim, what I will say with confidence is that the multi-site, multi-geography organization founded in 1991 comes up with some pretty amazing inventions.

Microsoft Robotics Studio 4: A Beta That Moves Kinect-Based Embedded Vision Forward

Back in early August on this site, as well as a few weeks later in BDTI's monthly email newsletter, I mentioned that Microsoft had recently made two notable embedded vision announcements: