Embedded Vision Alliance: Eye tracking

Eye Tracking: Samsung's Open-Source Backing

In mid-January, I published the most recent in a series of writeups on Tobii's eye tracking technology for controlling user interfaces, followed a few days later by the upload of a product demonstration video captured by EVA Founder Jeff Bier at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Eye-Tracking Technology: A Tobii Demonstration and Freescale's Aspiration

In recent weeks, I've discussed Tobii's eye-tracking technology several times, both for its ability to monitor driver attention in vehicles, and to control next-generation operating systems' graphical user interfaces.

Vision-Based GUI Control: Tobii Makes It So

Shortly before Christmas, I mentioned how Sweden-based Tobii hoped to use eye-tracking algorithms in conjunction with image sensor-inclusive automobile interiors to (for example) awaken drivers when they were nodding off or alert parents when their behind-the-wheel teenagers were paying more attention to text m

Staying Awake: Embedded Vision Assistance Keeps Drivers From Making A Big Mistake

Back in mid-November, I discussed taxicab drivers' backlash at the increasing presence of cameras inside vehicles...ostensibly for driver safety reasons (to compel would-be evildoers to suppress their urges, or at minimum to capture in-progress crime evidence for subsequent prosecution) but (the drivers believe) also for Big Brother employee monitoring purposes.