Three Robust Days of Learning and Networking

The 2017 Embedded Vision Summit will feature 4 distinct tracks with talks by more than 50 computer vision technology and business leaders.  Here’s a quick overview of our tracks, along with confirmed sessions and speakers to-date. New sessions and speakers are being added regularly -- check back often for our latest updates!

Keynote Speakers

3D Computer Vision and Mixed Reality
Marc Pollefeys, Director of Science, Microsoft HoloLens
Monday, May 1st from 9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Deep Visual Understanding from Deep Learning
Jitendra Malik, Arthur J. Chick Professor and Chair, Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley
Tuesday, May 2nd from 9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Technical Insights Track

Presented by the industry’s top technologists, this track will accelerate your learning curve and help you uncover practical techniques in computer vision, including “how to” sessions across all types of applications, with special emphasis on deep learning, 3D perception and low-power implementation. Ideal for application, system, hardware, and software engineers, seeking practical approaches to bring to their products.
Training CNNs for Efficient Inference
Paul Brasnett, Principal Research Engineer, Imagination Technologies
End to End Fire Detection Deep Neural Network Platform
Divya Jain, Technical Director, Tyco Innovation
Andrew Stein, Lead Computer Vision Engineer, Anki
Axel Wendt, Head of Robotics Research, Bosch RTC
Emotion Recognition From Images In the Wild
Cha Zhang, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Corporation
Designing a Solar-Powered ADAS Smart Camera
Aman Sikkia, Pearl Automation

Moving CNNs from Academic Theory to Embedded Reality
Pierre Paulin, Director of R&D, Embedded Vision, Synopsys

Tuning Image Signal Processing Algorithms using Deep Learning and Computer Vision
Val Marchevsky, Senior Director of Engineering, Motorola

The Battle Between Traditional Algorithms and Deep Learning: The 3 Year Horizon
Cormac Brick, Director of Machine Intelligence, Intel Corporation, Movidius Group

Making OpenCV Code Run Fast
Vadim Pisarevsky, Software Engineer Manager, Intel Corp.

How Image Sensor and Video Compression Parameters Impact Vision Algorithms
Ilya Brailovskiy, Principal Engineer, Amazon Lab126
The OpenVX Computer Vision Library Standard for Portable, Efficient Code
Frank Brill, Design Engineering Director, Cadence; Chairperson, Khronos OpenVX Working Group

Collaboratively Benchmarking and Optimizing Deep Learning Implementations 
Unmesh Bordoloi, Senior Researcher, General Motors 

Edge Intelligence: Visual Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Devices
Adham Ghazali, Cofounder & CEO, Imagry

Computer-vision-based 360-degree Video Systems: Architectures, Algorithms and Trade-offs
Marco Jacobs, VP Marketing, videantis

Approaches for Vision-based Driver Monitoring
Dr. Jayachandra Dakala, Technical Architect, PathPartner Technology Pvt Ltd, India

How to Test and Validate an Automated Driving System
Avinash Nehemiah, Product Manager — Computer Vision and Automated Driving, Mathworks

Deep Learning Beyond Cats and Cars: Developing a Real-life DNN-based Embedded Vision Product for Agriculture, Construction, Medical, or Retail
Alexey Rybakov, Senior Director, Embedded Systems, LUXOFT
Samer Hijazi, Deep Learning Engineering Group Director, Cadence
Dr. Alexandre Winter, Director, Computer Vision, Arlo @ Netgear

Performing Multiple Perceptual Tasks With a Single Deep Neural Network
Andrew Rabinovich, Director of Deep Learning, Magic Leap 

Eugenio Culurciello, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Psychological Sciences, Purdue University
Ali Osman Ors, Director, Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors, NXP

Designing CNN Algorithms for Real-time Applications
Matthew Chiu, Founder,  Almond AI  


Business Insights Track

Facilitated by the industry’s top business leaders, analysts, and entrepreneurs, this track will explore how the once sleepy computer vision industry is making rapid strides toward mainstream deployment across a variety of markets. Discover the latest market and technology trends and hear how industry leaders are bringing value to a wide range of industries using computer vision.
Vision for All?
Jeff McVeigh, Vice President, Intel Corporation
Using Markerless Motion Capture to Win Baseball Games
Steven Cadavid, President, KinaTrax  
How to Start an Embedded Vision Company
Chris Rowen, CEO, Cognite Ventures
Using Satellites to Extract Insights on the Ground
James Crawford, Founder and CEO, Orbital Insight
The Coming Shift from Image Sensors to Image Sensing
Paul Gallagher, Sr. Dir Technology & Product Planning, LG
Enabling the Full Potential of Machine Learning
Derek Meyer, CEO, Wave Computing
Tim Ramsdale, General Manager, Imaging and Vision Group, ARM
Rudy Burger, Managing Partner, Woodside Capital Partners
Intelligent Video Surveillance: Are We There Yet?
Nik Gagvani, Founder & President, CheckVideo

Enabling Technologies Track

Led by industry innovators, this track will explore the latest computer vision tools, processors and other technologies that you can use to develop practical, innovative products now. Ideal for product developers, engineers, and business leaders embracing the new world of visual intelligence. 

A Multipurpose Vision Processor for Embedded Systems Designers
Michael Melle, Sales Development Manager, and Felix Nikolaus, Firmware Designer, Allied Vision Technologies  
Implementing the TensorFlow Deep Learning Framework on Qualcomm’s Low-power DSP
Pete Warden, Research Engineer, Google
Designing Scalable Vision SoCs from Day One
Pierre Paulin, Director of R&D, Embedded Vision, Synopsys
Scalable Neural Network Processors for Embedded Applications
Pulin Desai, Director of Product Marketing, Cadence
A New Generation Vision Camera for Embedded Systems
Paul Maria Zalewski, Product Line Manager, Allied Vision Technologies

Ultra-Efficient VPU: Low-Power Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Computational Photography
Petronel Bigioi, General Manager, Fotonation

New Dataflow Architecture for Machine Learning
Chris Nicol, CTO, Wave Computing 

PCI Express – A High-bandwidth Interface for Multi-camera Embedded Systems
Max Larin, CEO, Ximea

Computer Vision on ARM: Faster Ways to Optimize Software for Advanced Mobile Computing Platforms
Roberto Mijat, Director Software Product Management, Business Segment Group , ARM

Embedded Vision Made Smart: Introduction to the HALCON Embedded Machine Vision Library
Dr. Olaf Munkelt, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MVTec Software GmbH

OpenCV on Zynq: Accelerating 4k60 Dense Optical Flow and Stereo Vision
Nick Ni, Sr. Product Manager, Embedded Vision and SDSoC, Xilinx
Vinod Kathail, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx

How Intel’s Latest RealSense Technology Can Help Your Embedded Systems See, Navigate, and Understand the Real World
Anders Grunnet-Jepson, CTO & Director of Advanced Technology, Perceptual Computing Group, Intel

Computer Vision on ARM: The Spirit Object Detection Accelerator
Tim Hartley, Senior Product Manager, Imaging and Vision Group, ARM


Fundamentals Track

This new track features introductory tutorials led by computer vision technology leaders and is perfect for those who are new to the embedded vision field -- or to some aspects of it.  You’ll get a fast-track technical learning experience delivering practical computer vision know-how that you can put to work right away.

Demystifying Deep Neural Networks
Kar Han Tan, Vice President of Engineering, NovuMind

A Shallow Dive into Training Deep Neural Networks
Sammy Sidhu, Senior Engineer, DeepScale

Accuracy vs. Computation Trade-offs in Deep Neural Networks
Eugenio Culurciello, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Psychological Sciences, Purdue University

How CNNs Localize Objects with Increasing Precision and Speed
Auro Tripathy, Founding Principal, ShatterLine Labs

Introduction to Optics for Embedded Vision
Jessica Gehlhar, Vision Solutions Engineer, Edmund Optics

How to Choose a 3D Vision Technology
Chris Osterwood, Chief Technical Officer, Carnegie Robotics

Time of Flight Sensors: How Do I Choose Them and How Do I Integrate Them?
Mark Hebbel, Head of New Business Development, Basler

2017 will be our biggest and best Embedded Vision Summit yet, with more than 50 speakers across these four tracks.  We’ll be updating this page regularly as new speakers are confirmed so check back frequently!

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