Selecting the Right Imager for Your Embedded Vision Application

Wednesday, May 22, 2:10 PM - 2:40 PM
Summit Track: 
Room 203/204

The performance of your embedded vision product is inexorably linked to the imager and lens it uses. Selecting these critical components is sometimes overwhelming due to the breadth of imager metrics to consider and their interactions with lens characteristics. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to analyze imagers for your application and see how some attributes compete and conflict with each other. A walk-through of selecting an imager and associated lens for a robotic surround-view application will show the real-world impact of some of these choices. Understanding the terms, the trade-off space and application impact will guide you to the right components for your design.


Chris Osterwood

Founder & CEO, Capable Robot Components

Chris Osterwood founded Capable Robot Components in 2017 to enable rapid development of autonomous robots by providing technological building blocks to system integrators. Capable Robot is currently developing embedded communications hardware and a line of camera system components. Previously, Chris was Chief Technical Officer of Carnegie Robotics, where he led the development of many of Carnegie Robotics' robotic component products and custom robotic systems including MultiSense (a line of 3D stereo cameras), smart monocular and ring cameras, purpose-built manipulators, off-road unmanned ground vehicles and indoor autonomous robots which target the industrial floor care market. Chris spoke at the 2017 Embedded Vision Summit and ROSCON about the design and testing of 3D sensor technologies.

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