Rapid Development of Efficient Vision Applications Using the Halide Language and CEVA Processors

Tuesday, May 22, 4:10 PM - 4:40 PM
Summit Track: 
Enabling Technologies
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Halide is a domain-specific programming language for imaging and vision applications that has been adopted by leading technology companies. Halide provides abstractions that allow for rapid development of highly optimized and portable imaging and vision applications. When using the Halide development environment, programmers can create software with performance comparable to or better than that obtained with hand-coded assembly language or intrinsics, while achieving significantly reduced development times and improved code consistency and maintainability. CEVA and mPerpetuo have partnered to enable Halide on the CEVA-XM family of low-power IP processor cores for imaging and vision. In this presentation, we will explore using Halide with CEVA processors as a rapid and powerful method of expressing, prototyping and optimizing complex vision and imaging processing pipelines.


Gary Gitelson

VP of Engineering, mPerpetuo, Inc

Gary Gitelson is the VP of Engineering at mPerpetuo, Inc., responsible for leading the engineering team and helping to set technical and architectural direction. He has been working with Halide on consumer embedded devices for the last 3 years, both developing in and extending the language. Prior to this, Gary was VP of Engineering at Pelican Imaging Corp. Over the course of his more than 20 year engineering career, he has worked in management and technical leadership positions with teams focused on performance optimization, large systems software architecture, both consumer and enterprise focused embedded products, and software development tools and methodologies. He holds an MS from Northeastern University and a BS from the University of Southern California.

Yair Siegel

Director of Business Development, CEVA

Yair Siegel has been in the technology business with a focus on Digital Signal Processors and SoCs for over 20 years. Currently he serves as Director of Business Development focused on AI, deep learning and computer vision. Prior to that he served in various roles in product marketing and field applications. Mr. Siegel has worked with CEVA / Licensing Division of DSP Group since 1997 serving in various R&D engineering and managing positions within the Software Development Tools group. Mr. Siegel holds a BSc degree in Computer Science and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as a MBA and a MA in Economics from Tel-Aviv University.

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