New Memory-centric Architecture Needed for AI

Wednesday, May 23, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
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Enabling Technologies
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Artificial intelligence (AI) will not replace the need for humans any time soon, but it will have a profound impact on everyday lives, transforming industries from transportation to education, medical to entertainment. AI is about data computing, and the more data, the smarter the AI algorithms will be. However, the current bottleneck between data storage and computing cores is limiting the innovation of future AI applications.

Crossbar Inc.’s Sylvain Dubois will discuss how non-volatile memory technologies, such as ReRAM, can be directly integrated on-chip with processing logic enabling brand new memory-centric computing architectures. The superior characteristics of ReRAM over legacy non-volatile memory technologies are helping to address the performance and energy challenges required by AI algorithms. High performance computing applications, such as AI, require high-bandwidth low latency data accesses across processors, storage and IOs. ReRAM memory technologies provide significant improvements by reducing the performance gap between storage and computing.


Sylvain Dubois

Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Crossbar

Sylvain Dubois joined the Crossbar management team in 2013 as Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development. With over 17 years of semiconductor experience in business development and strategic product marketing, he brings a proven ability to analyze market trends, identify new, profitable business opportunities and create precise product positioning that is in perfect sync with market demands to drive market share leadership and business results.

Prior to joining Crossbar, Dubois led strategic product positioning and market engagement for developing new products at Spansion. Responsible for identifying new growth opportunities and expanding the product portfolio, Mr. Dubois was instrumental in defining the Spansion Flash memory product roadmap.

From 2002-2006, Dubois was a System-on-Chip architect of OMAP application processors at Texas Instruments. Dubois was in charge of the architecture and technology roadmap of DRAM and Flash memory controllers, and developed strategic relationships with major DRAM and Flash memory suppliers.

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