Introduction to Optics for Embedded Vision

Wednesday, May 23, 2:50 PM - 3:50 PM
Summit Track: 
Mission City Ballroom M1-M3

This talk provides an introduction to optics for embedded vision system and algorithm developers.  We begin by presenting fundamental imaging lens specifications and quality metrics.  We’ll explain key parameters and concepts such as field of view, f number, working f number, NA, focal length, working distance, depth of field, depth of focus, resolution, MTF, distortion, keystoning, and telecentricity and their relationships.  Optical design basics and trade-offs will be introduced, such as design types, aberrations, aspheres, pointing accuracy, sensor matching, color and protective coatings, filters, temperature and environmental considerations, and their relation to sensor artifacts. 

We will also explore manufacturing considerations including testing the optical components and imaging lenses in your product, and the industrial optics used for a wide range of manufacturing tests.  Depending on requirements, a wide variety of tests and calibrations may be performed.  These tests and calibrations become important with designs that include technologies such as multi-camera, 3D, color and NIR. 


Jessica Gehlhar

Vision Solutions Engineer, Edmund Optics

Currently a Vision Solutions Engineer at Edmund Optics, Jessica has designed and integrated a variety of imaging systems across many industries, including consumer device, medical device, pharmaceutical, energy, defense and semiconductor. With an early career in photography, Imaging Technology degree from RIT and over 12 years of industrial experience she is very familiar with challenges and key considerations when deploying imaging systems in tough environments. Starting her imaging science work at Edmund Optics, she then worked as a machine vision expert in Manufacturing Equipment teams and Product Design teams at companies including Boston Scientific, Miasole and GoPro. To continue with a focus in optics and photonics, she is back at Edmund Optics helping customers with unique optical needs.

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