How to Start an Embedded Vision Company

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Monday, May 1, 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM
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Business Insights

This talk outlines the essential opportunity and daunting challenges of building significant new companies based on deep learning technology, specifically in vision systems.  It draws on long experience as a successful founder, CEO, CTO and investor in Silicon Valley, and lays out some of the key factors in selecting a target market, leadership team, technology foundation, and product strategy.  Its highlights the particular leverage and some of the pitfalls of the deep learning revolution as a trigger for fundable vision breakthroughs.  The talk attempts to help company founders think about their how their priorities and skills are best leveraged in a start-up environment.  The talk drills down on the particular issues of embedded deep learning and vision, especially the essential role for access to relevant training data, the range of workable business models spanning device and cloud, and the stages of deep learning competence.


Chris Rowen

CEO, Cognite Ventures

Dr. Chris Rowen is the founder and CEO of Cognite Ventures.   Chris is a well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur and technologist. He has served as CTO for Cadence’s IP Group, where he and his team develop new processor and memory for advanced applications in mobile, automotive, infrastructure, deep learning and IoT systems.  The team has become one of the leading innovators in automated neural network optimization and ultra-efficient neural network processing engines for embedded systems.  Chris joined Cadence after its acquisition of Tensilica, the company he founded to develop extensible processors. He led Tensilica as CEO and later, CTO, to become one of the leading embedded architectures, with more than 225 chip and system company licensees, who together ship more than 4 billion cores per year. Before founding Tensilica in 1997, he was VP and GM of the Design Reuse Group at Synopsys. Chris also was a pioneer in developing RISC architecture and helped found MIPS Computer Systems, where he was VP of Microprocessor Development. He holds an MSEE and PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford and a BA in physics from Harvard.  He holds more than 40 US and international patents.  He was named an IEEE Fellow in 2015 for his work in development of microprocessor technology.  He started Cognite Ventures in 2016 to develop, advise and invest in new entrepreneurial ventures, especially around cognitive computing.

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