Executive Perspective Presentation: Energy-efficient Processors Enable the Era of Intelligent Devices

Tuesday, May 22, 2:10 PM - 2:40 PM
Summit Track: 
Enabling Technologies
Exhibit Hall A-2

Artificial intelligence is making waves and headlines. New algorithms, applications and companies are emerging fast. Deep-learning-based systems, trained with massive amounts of data using supercomputers, are more capable than ever before.

The most important opportunity for AI is supercharging the Internet of Things, making the “things” themselves smarter. With AI, edge devices gain the ability to sense, interpret and react intelligently to the world around them – creating the Intelligent Internet of Things (IIoT).

To achieve this goal, it is essential that we make AI much more efficient, so that small, inexpensive, low-power systems can incorporate sophisticated AI to improve people’s lives.

In this talk, Dr. Wu will share his perspective on the opportunity for AI at the edge, and explain how NovuMind is tackling this opportunity using domain-specific processor architectures, designed from the ground up for efficient AI, coupled with algorithms tailored for these processors.


Ren Wu

Founder and CEO, NovuMind

Dr. Ren Wu is the Founder and CEO of NovuMind Inc., where he leads the effort to push the frontier of artificial intelligence (AI) via high-performance and heterogeneous computing. His dream is to improve people’s life using NovuMind’s AI technologies. Prior to founding NovuMind, Dr. Ren Wu served as the distinguished scientist at Baidu Research. There, he and his team designed and built a supercomputer dedicated to deep learning and achieved the world’s best results on many AI tasks. Before joining Baidu, Ren served as the chief software architect of Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) at AMD. He also worked as the principal investigator of CUDA Research Center at HP Labs, where he is widely known for his pioneering work in using GPUs to accelerate big data analytics and large-scale machine learning algorithms. Ren is also known for his early work on artificial intelligence. He was the first person to perform systematic research computationally on Xiangqi endgames with astonishing discoveries. His Xiangqi (Chinese chess) program was twice world champion and dominated the computer Xiangqi field for more than a decade.

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