Executive Perspective Presentation: Embedded AI for Smart Cities and Retail in China

Tuesday, May 22, 4:10 PM - 4:40 PM
Summit Track: 
Business Insights

Over the past ten years, online shopping has changed the way we do business. Now, with the development of AI technology, we are seeing the beginning of the so-called “new retail revolution,” in which nearly all China-based internet giants, such as Alibaba, Tencent and JD are active. These companies want to use big data, internet and AI technologies to transform brick-and-mortar retail. Embedded AI will play a critical role in this trend: It is an essential ingredient for extracting analyzable digital information from physical shops, and for connecting offline retail to online big data. Using embedded AI technology, cameras installed in shops can analyze customer behavior as well as interactions between customers, goods and the location real time, improving the shopping experience and operational efficiency at the same time. In this talk, we analyze recent developments in the new retail revolution in China, and identify key challenges that must be addressed for this trend to achieve its full potential.


Kai Yu

Founder & CEO, Horizon Robotics

Dr. Kai YU is founder & CEO of Horizon Robotics Inc., dedicated to revolutionizing AI processors and solutions for autonomous systems. He is an internationally recognized expert in deep learning and general AI, a member of National Council of Next-Generation AI Strategy Planning and was the founder and Head of Baidu IDL. He has received many awards, including No.1 place of ImageNet Challenge 2010, No.1 place of PASCAL VOC 2009,and Best Paper Runner-up Award of ICML-2013. He also published dozens of research papers with more than 14, 000 citations and has been the previous Area Chair of ICML and NIPS.

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