End to End Fire Detection Deep Neural Network Platform

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Monday, May 1, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Summit Track: 
Technical Insights I

This session will deep dive into a real-world problem of fire detection to see what it takes to build a complete solution using CNNs. Fire is specifically challenging because it doesn’t have a fix shape or size like other objects. Session will start with the technology stack, the algorithm, followed by an end to end architecture. We will discuss the challenges we encountered while training this algorithm and how we worked through these by building a scalable and reusable platform. 


Divya Jain

Technical Director, Tyco Innovation

Divya Jain is an industry-known machine learning expert and leader. She was the Co-Founder and Chief Architect of dLoop Inc., a company that focused on providing advanced predictive analytics for data in cloud. dLoop, was acquired by Box in 2013. At Box, Divya led a team tasked with building machine learning capabilities into the Box platform. She has 10+ years of experience in building large scale data driven products and she is a regular speaker at events on machine learning and big data. Currently, she is a Technical Director at Tyco Innovation Garage and leads the deep learning initiatives in video surveillance space.

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