Balancing Tradeoffs in Designing MediaTek’s SoCs for Edge Intelligence

Summit Track: 
Enabling Technologies

MediaTek has incorporated an AI processing unit (APU) alongside the traditional CPU and GPU in its SoC designs for the next wave of smart client devices (smartphones, cameras, appliances, cars, etc.). The introduction of another type of processing unit (the APU) brings a significant gain in performance and efficiency, but complicates the design of the chip and the associated development tools and low-level software. For example, real-time decisions must be made by low-level software regarding dispatching tasks to the CPU, GPU or APU. In this talk, we’ll present MediaTek’s AI-enabled SoCs for smart client devices. We’ll examine some of the key tradeoffs that MediaTek engineers faced in designing these chips and we’ll describe the solutions they chose and the reasons behind those choices. We’ll also share our views on how the AI needs of smart devices will evolve in the near future.


Mohit Bhushan

VP & GM of Business Development, Mediatek

Mohit Bhushan has been Vice President of Business Development at MediaTek since 2013. In this role, Mohit leads corporate marketing and business development activities for MediaTek in the U.S. market. Mohit started his career in the wireless industry as an engineer, quickly establishing himself through valuable work in defining and delivering several UMTS chipset solutions as well as reference designs for smartphones and tablets. Mohit later served as Vice President of Converged Products for Motorola Mobility.

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