Executive Perspective Presentation: Balancing Safety, Convenience and Privacy in the Era of Ubiquitous Cameras

Tuesday, May 22, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Summit Track: 
Business Insights

Computer vision-enabled cameras are proliferating rapidly and will soon be ubiquitous – in, on and around vehicles, homes, toys, stores, public transit, schools, restaurants and more. Clearly, this offers tremendous benefits in terms of safety, security, convenience and efficiency. But what about privacy? Are we doomed to give up our privacy as cameras proliferate? Possibly, but not necessarily. Many of the same technologies that are fueling the proliferation of visual intelligence can also be used to enhance privacy, if product developers choose to do so, and if consumers, enterprises and governments prioritize privacy. For example, accelerating innovation in sensors means that system designers have many choices of sensor types beyond the typical CMOS image sensor, enabling engineers to choose sensor types that capture only the information that is required for the application. And rapid progress in embedded processors – combined with efficient, accurate algorithms – makes it increasingly feasible to consume images at the edge or in the fog, and then discard them, retaining only the required meta-data. In this talk, we’ll explore trade-offs related to privacy in a world filled with connected cameras.


Charlotte Dryden

Director, Intel

Charlotte Dryden leads a Visual Computing Developer Solutions team at Intel Corporation where she and her team define and develop software products to enable visual computing solutions from the edge to the cloud. Charlotte has 20 years of technical and international business experience in the mobile communications, semiconductor and wireless industries with a focus on designing software solutions to differentiate hardware. Prior to Intel, Charlotte worked at Qualcomm Incorporated where she was responsible for Product Management and Ecosystem Strategy.

Charlotte graduated with Electrical and Biomedical Engineering degrees from Vanderbilt University and earned her MBA with an International focus from the University of San Diego. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, yoga, running and being outdoors.

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