Accessing Advanced Image Processing Feature Sets with Alvium Cameras Using a V4L2/GenICam Hybrid Driver

Tuesday, May 21, 4:20 PM - 4:50 PM
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Enabling Technologies
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Camera device drivers are a critical component for all embedded vision systems, providing an essential interface between the camera and the application software. In this talk, we’ll begin by examining the key challenges associated with camera drivers for embedded vision systems. We will then introduce two approaches to camera drivers: one based on V4L2 (a popular Linux API), and one based on GenICam (a formal standard created for the industrial machine vision space). We’ll examine the pros and cons of these two approaches, and present a hybrid solution that combines support for both V4L2 and GenICam in a single driver. Such a driver is included as part of the software stack provided with Allied Vision’s Alvium embedded vision cameras. We will introduce these Alvium cameras and illustrate how the hybrid driver can be used to enable developers to utilize the best capabilities of both V4L2 and GeniCam APIs, while minimizing integration effort.


Sebastian Guenther

Host Systems Competence Center Lead, Allied Vision Technologies

Sebastian Guenther is a software developer and lead of the Host Systems Competence Center at Allied Vision Technologies, a leading camera manufacturer in the industrial machine vision and embedded vision markets. In this role, Sebastian oversees all topics related to the Competence Center, is responsible for driving technical decisions and providing cross-functional consulting. Together with the platform group, Sebastian develops modular concepts and generic approaches to be used in engineering projects at Allied Vision. He’s also responsible for driver development for embedded systems and is one of the main contributors to the company’s embedded market strategy. Sebastian studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Before joining Allied Vision in 2015 as a software developer, he worked for various companies in the automotive and aviation industries, with focus on software and systems engineering.

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