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Vision Product of the Year Awards: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of submitting an entry?

The promotional benefits of winning an award for a specific category provide your company with ongoing opportunities to raise awareness and credibility with the media, your prospects and your customers. The winner for each category will hold the Vision Product of the Year Award title for a year—so you will enjoy many opportunities to reap the promotional benefits!

How can we improve our chances of winning an award?

The key to a successful entry will be the quality of the application. There are only a few questions which you must answer but a high-quality application will also address the optional questions and information (e.g., customer testimonials relevant to the category). Please be sure that all of your answers are highly focused on the features, benefits and value relevant to the specific category.

Is there an advantage to submitting our entry prior to the deadline?

Yes. Getting your entry submitted a few weeks before the deadline provides more time for us to review your entry, provide you with feedback and for you to incorporate any updates—all resulting in a higher quality entry.

Can we submit multiple entries?

Yes. Obviously, the chances of winning an award increase if you submit entries for multiple categories. Also, if you decide to submit the same product for multiple categories, please be sure that each entry is highly focused on the features, benefits and value relevant to the specific category.

Can we submit confidential information on our entry?

Please do not submit confidential information. However, you can use a generic description of the parties involved. For example, "Here is a testimonial from our customer who is a leading provider of [fill in the blank] and the testimonial is from the vice president of engineering." While this is not as strong as a testimonial that is specific and public, it does add value to your entry.

What if we have questions or need help in completing our entry?

We are here to help. Please contact us at

How can we improve the quality of our entry?

First, use the Entry worksheet to draft your answers. You can find the link to download the Entry worksheet when you click on “Enter Now”.

Entries will be judged on three criteria: innovation, impact (customer and market), and competitive differentiation. The score for innovation will be heavily influenced by your answers to worksheet questions 3a thru 3d. Please be sure your answers are specific and clear regarding what is original and innovative about your entry. The score for impact and competitive differentiation will be heavily influenced by your answers to questions 3e thru 3g. For question 3e (competitive differentiation), please be sure your answer includes how your product or service is different from your competition. While optional, questions 3f and 3g (impact) are important to improving the quality of your entry. We are looking for information that addresses the traction with your customers (3f) and the impact your entry has had on the market (3g). Be creative here. Examples of the information you can provide include customer testimonials (either public or, if confidential, a generic description), media coverage of your entry, and relevant market research reports. Also, you can provide references to your customers’ products that incorporate your entry and the resulting media coverage.

In summary, please be sure your entry addresses the three criteria (innovation, impact, and differentiation) clearly and specifically.