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Xilinx Plug and Play IP Cores

Xilinx Intellectual Property (IP) are key building blocks of Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms. These EV building blocks allow customers to free up precious time and resources you would normally spend developing standard functions and focus instead on the aspects of your design that differentiate your product from the competition.

To discover what Xilinx offers in EV IP Cores, just click on the some of the IP cores listed below:

Color Correction Matrix Object Segmentation
Color Filter Array Interpolation On-Screen Display
Defective Pixel Correction Video DMA
GAMMA Correction Video Scaler
Image Characterization Video Timing Controller
Image Edge Enhancement Image Processing Pack
Image Noise Reduction Video Processing Pack
Image Statistics Engine RGB to YCrCb Color-Space Converter
Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction YCrCb to RGB Color-Space Converter









An extensive catalog of base-level cores is available to address the general needs of FPGA designers, as well as robust domain- and market-specific cores to address requirements found in DSP, Embedded, and Connectivity designs.


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