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Welcome to the Xilinx Embedded Vision Portal

Embedded Vision is one of the most exciting fields in technology today. Xilinx sees embedded vision as a key and pervasive megatrend that is shaping the future of the electronics industry.

Providing machines the ability to see, sense, and immediately respond to the world creates unique opportunities for system differentiation; however, this also creates challenges in how designers create next-generation architectures and bring them to market. Integrating disparate sub-systems including video/vision I/O with multiple image processing pipelines, and enabling these embedded-vision systems to perform vision-based machine learning analytics in real time is a complex task that requires tight coordination between hardware and software teams.

To remain timely and relevant in the market, leading development teams are exploiting Xilinx’s All Programmable Platforms in their next-generation systems to take advantage of the devices’ programmable hardware, software, and I/O capabilities.

Xilinx Platform Solutions for Embedded Vision Machine Learning

Xilinx provides embedded vision application developers with a suite of technologies that support both hardware and software design. Xilinx All Programmable devices include FPGAs, SoCs and MPSoCs.

Xilinx® SDx™ Development Environments allow software and algorithm developers to develop in familiar Eclipse-based environments in familiar languages like C, C++ and OpenCL optimizing their design between the both hardware and software domains.

The Xilinx reVISION™ Stack builds upon the SDx concept to include support for OpenCV and machine learning inference, support for the most popular neural networks as well as the functional elements required to build custom neural networks (CNNs/DNNs) while permitting design teams to leverage pre-defined and optimized CNN implementations for network layers. This is complemented by a broad set of acceleration-enabled OpenCV functions for computer vision processing and support for the industry’s latest high-bandwidth sensor interfaces.

Learn more at Xilinx’s reVISION™ Developer’s Zone.

Free Embedded Vision Training

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