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"Optimizing Your System Software and BSP for Embedded Vision and AI," a Presentation from Thundersoft

Daniel Sun, Vice President of the Intelligent Vision Business Unit at Thundersoft, presents the "Optimizing Your System Software and BSP for Embedded Vision and AI" tutorial at the May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit.

While computer vision and AI algorithms tend to get the most attention, many other software components can have an equally important impact on image quality, algorithm accuracy and performance. For example, to get the best images from the chosen image sensor, the image signal processor must be tuned for the characteristics of the sensor and the environment. Camera device drivers also affect image quality. In addition, software component libraries and frameworks (such as frameworks for accelerating neural network inference) can speed application development, but also have a huge impact on performance and, in some cases, algorithm accuracy. In this presentation, Sun explores how carefully selecting and integrating these supporting software components alongside algorithm software modules leads to systems with superior image quality, accuracy and performance.