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"Neuromorphic Event-based Vision: From Disruption to Adoption at Scale," a Presentation from Prophesee

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Luca Verre, Co-founder and CEO of Prophesee, presents the "Neuromorphic Event-based Vision: From Disruption to Adoption at Scale" tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

Neuromorphic event-based vision is a new paradigm in imaging technology, inspired by human biology. It promises to dramatically improve machines’ ability to sense their environments and make intelligent decisions about what they see. Like human vision, Prophesee’s event- based vision technology dynamically captures only the most useful and relevant events in a scene. This allows for much lower power consumption, latency and data processing compared with traditional frame-based systems.

In this talk, Verre explains the underlying operation of Prophesee’s event-based sensors and vision systems. He also demonstrates how these innovative products open up vast new potential in applications such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, IoT, security and surveillance and AR/VR—improving safety, reliability, efficiency and user experiences across a broad range of use cases.

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This is very exciting new technology. Has anyone got any information on the image sensor cost and availability? I have seen pricing for the Swiss based DVS camera set (available for research) at pricepoints of $5K+, which is out of the ball park for automotive and most robotic applications.

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Can we have the captions in English?