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"AI+: Combining AI and Other Critical Functions Using Intel FPGAs," a Presentation from Intel

Ronak Shah, Director of AI Marketing Strategy at Intel's Programmable Solutions Group, presents the "AI+: Combining AI and Other Critical Functions Using Intel FPGAs" tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

AI is increasingly being deployed in vision applications, and most of these applications require other functionality in addition to AI. For example, a system may require AI plus high-performance I/O for lower system latency, AI plus encryption for security or AI plus networking to achieve persistence. In cases like these, the unique flexibility of the Intel FPGA fabric and I/O, along with the FPGA’s optimized compute engines, enable system developers to deliver truly differentiated solutions.

In this presentation, Shah explains how Intel FPGAs enable “AI+”—combining AI and other functionality to create efficient, highly integrated, high-performance solutions. He presents several examples showing how AI+ is being used today. He also explains how Intel’s OpenVINO toolchain enables you to easily develop AI+ solutions.