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"Embedded Vision Applications Lead Way for Processors in AI: A Market Analysis of Vision Processors," a Presentation from IHS Markit

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Tom Hackenberg, Principal Analyst at IHS Markit, presents the "Embedded Vision Applications Lead Way for Processors in AI: A Market Analysis of Vision Processors" tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept. Machine learning has been used for decades in large server and high performance computing environments. Why is it attracting so much attention, investment and innovation now? The answer, as with most disruptive technologies, is a convergence of technology enablers and market demands that previously were insufficient to drive scale.

In this presentation, Hackenberg examines the market for processors in AI applications. He illuminates key trends in adoption of different classes of processors in a range of key applications, and explains why embedded vision is at the heart of these trends. And he shows how this adoption is driving revenue for different classes of processors in markets including automotive, consumer, data processing, industrial and wired and wireless communications.