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"Architecting a Smart Home Monitoring System with Millions of Cameras," a Presentation from Comcast

Hongcheng Wang, Senior Manager of Technical R&D at Comcast, presents the "Architecting a Smart Home Monitoring System with Millions of Cameras" tutorial at the May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit.

Video monitoring is a critical capability for the smart home. With millions of cameras streaming to the cloud, efficient and scalable video analytics becomes essential. To create a cost-effective smart home monitoring system that appeals to consumers, Comcast has architected and implemented a cost-effective and scalable video analytics system that detects events of interest and delivers them to consumers. To enable this, the company developed a hybrid edge-cloud computing solution, and innovated efficient deep learning-based algorithms to detect events of interest. In this talk, Wang explores the trade-offs that informed Comcast's decisions in designing, implementing and deploying this system for millions of Xfinity Home customers.