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May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit Vision Entrepreneurs' Panel

Nik Gagvani, President of CheckVideo, moderates the Vision Entrepreneurs' Panel at the May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit. Other panelists include László Kishonti, CEO of AImotive; Radha Basu, CEO of iMerit; and Gary Bradski, CTO and Co-founder of, and CEO and Founder of

What can we learn from leaders of successful vision-based start-ups? The expanding applications of embedded vision are opening up exciting business opportunities, and countless entrepreneurs are developing diverse vision-based end-products and enabling technologies. But building a vision-based company brings unique risks and challenges.

This panel brings together an amazing group of visionary leaders who have conceived and scaled vision-based businesses to multi-hundred-million-dollar valuations. Sharing their failures as well as their successes, along with key lessons learned, these successful entrepreneurs "pay it forward" – helping to enable the next generation of vision-based start-up leaders.