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"The Vision API Maze: Options and Trade-offs," a Presentation from the Khronos Group

Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group, presents the "Vision API Maze: Options and Trade-offs" tutorial at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit.

It’s been a busy year in the world of hardware acceleration APIs. Many industry-standard APIs, such as OpenCL and OpenVX, have been upgraded, and the industry has begun to adopt the new generation of low-level, explicit GPU APIs, such as Vulkan, that tightly integrate graphics and compute. Some of these APIs, like OpenVX and OpenCV, are vision-specific, while others, like OpenCL and Vulkan, are general-purpose. Some, like CUDA and Renderscript, are supplier-specific, while others are open standards that any supplier can adopt. Which ones should you use for your project?

In this presentation, Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group standards organization, updates the landscape of APIs for vision software development, explaining where each one fits in the development flow. Neil also highlights where these APIs overlap and where they complement each other, and previews some of the latest developments in these APIs.