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"Creating Smarter, More Interactive Apps and Systems with Computer Vision," a Presentation from the Embedded Vision Alliance

Thanks to improvements in processors, image sensors, and algorithms, more and more of our devices now -- for the first time -- are gaining the ability to see and understand the world around them. In this talk from the June 2015 Augmented World Expo, Jeff Bier (Founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance) highlights the opportunities for creating more intelligent, interactive and insightful apps and products by harnessing embedded vision technology. From consumer electronics to smartphones to smart glasses to retail and industrial applications, vision technology enables new types of interactivity, new types of insights (for example, assessing the emotional state of users) and new types of experiences. Jeff highlights some of the coolest new products and apps leveraging vision technology, and explores some of the key trends and challenges associated with this technology.

Jeff Bier's presentation is available for download here (2.6 MB PDF).