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May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit Slides

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The Embedded Vision Summit was held on May 21-24, 2018 in Santa Clara, California, as an educational forum for product creators interested in incorporating visual intelligence into electronic systems and software.

The presentations delivered at the Summit are listed below. All of the slides from these presentations are included in PDF form. To download the ZIP file, click on the link at the bottom of this page,

Welcome And Keynote Presentations

  • Tuesday welcome remarks by Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance
  • Tuesday keynote "Think Like an Amateur, Do As an Expert: Lessons from a Career in Computer Vision" by Dr. Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Wednesday welcome remarks by Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance
  • Wednesday keynote "From Mobility to Medicine: Vision Enables the Next Generation of Innovation" by Dean Kamen, DEKA Research and Development

Business Insights Track

  • "What’s Hot? The M&A and Funding Landscape for Machine Vision Companies" by Rudy Burger, Woodside Capital
  • "Balancing Safety, Convenience and Privacy in the Era of Ubiquitous Cameras" by Charlotte Dryden, Intel
  • "Reduce Risk in Computer Vision Design: Focus on the User" by Paul Duckworth, Twisthink
  • "Data-driven Business Models Enabled by 3D Vision Technology" by Christopher Scheubel, FRAMOS
  • "Leveraging Edge and Cloud for Visual Intelligence Solutions" by Salil Raje, Xilinx
  • "From 2D to 3D: How Depth Sensing Will Shape the Future of Vision" by Guillaume Girardin, Yole Développement
  • "Embedded AI for Smart Cities and Retail in China" by Kai Yu, Horizon Robotics
  • "Leveraging Cloud Computer Vision for a Real-time Consumer Product" by Pavan Kumar, Cocoon Cam
  • "Using Vision to Transform Retail" by Sumit Gupta, IBM
  • "Computer Vision for Industrial Inspection: The Evolution from PCs to Embedded Solutions" by Thomas Däubler, NET New Electronic Technology GmbH
  • "Building up a Start-up in Embedded Vision: Lessons from Machine Vision" by Arndt Bake, Basler
  • "The Four Key Trends Driving the Proliferation of Visual Perception" by Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance and BDTI
  • "Overcoming Bias in Computer Vision—A Business Imperative" by Will Byrne, Entrepreneur
  • "Intelligent Consumer Robots Powering the Smart Home" by Mario Munich, iRobot
  • Vision Tank Presentation by João Diogo Falcão, AiFi
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Carlo Dal Mutto, Aquifi
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Dan Connors, Boulder AI
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Anil Cheriyadat, Sturfee
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Deepak Gaddipati,...
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Dear a0188279,
We're glad you found your time at the Summit useful, and we appreciate the feedback! Recordings of 2018 Embedded Vision Summit presentations are being edited and will appear on the site in the coming weeks; the first several recordings have already been published, in fact:

Availability of recordings will be announced in the Alliance’s newsletters; you can also keep an eye out for new-content postings on our RSS channel and our various social media channels (see links to them at the top of each page on the site).

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Excellent presentations. Waiting eagerly for the recording, as I want to review one of the sessions I attended. Two unrelated attendees mentioned while at the summit that they get excellent information there and their companies make it a point to send someone every year! 

Brian Dipert
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Dear perch130,
Khronos' workshop content can be found here:

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is there a link to download "Khronos "Standards for Neural Networks and Embedded Vision" Workshop Thursday, May 24" slides?

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thank you