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May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit Proceedings

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The Embedded Vision Summit was held on May 2-4, 2016 in Santa Clara, California, as a educational forum for product creators interested in incorporating visual intelligence into electronic systems and software.

The presentations presented at the Summit are listed below. All of the slides from these presentations are included in PDF form. To download the ZIP file, click on the link at the bottom of this page:

WELCOME, Keynote AND PLENARY Presentations:

  • Monday welcome remarks by Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance
  • "Large-Scale Deep Learning for Building Intelligent Computer Systems" by Jeff Dean, Google
  • Tuesday welcome remarks by Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance
  • "Using Vision to Enable Autonomous Land, Sea and Air Vehicles" by Larry Matthies, NASA JPL
  • "Computer Vision 2.0: Where We Are and Where We're Going" by Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance

Business Insights Track:

  • "How Deep Learning Is Enabling Computer Vision Markets" by Bruce Daly, Tractica
  • "The Road Ahead for Neural Networks: Five Likely Surprises" by Chris Rowen, Cadence
  • "Is Vision the New Wireless?" by Raj Talluri, Qualcomm
  • "A Practitioner's Guide to Commercializing Applications of Computer Vision" by Peter Shannon, Firelake Capital
  • "Democratizing Computer Vision Development: Lessons from the Video Game Industry" by Paul Kruszewski, WRNCH
  • "Should Visual Intelligence Reside in the Cloud or at the Edge? Trade-offs in Privacy, Security and Performance" by Andreas Gal, Silklabs
  • "Making Existing Cars Smart Via Embedded Vision and Deep Learning" by Stefan Heck, Nauto
  • "How Computer Vision is Accelerating the Future of Virtual Reality" by Allen Rush, AMD
  • "Computer Vision in Cars: Status, Challenges, and Trends" by Marco Jacobs, videantis
  • "Sensing Technologies for the Autonomous Vehicle" by Thomas Wilson, NXP
  • "Understanding Camera Subsystems for Your Embedded Vision System and Making the Right Choice" by Gerrit Fischer, Basler
  • "Lessons Learned from Bringing Mobile and Embedded Vision Products to Market" by Tim Hartley, ARM
  • Panel Discussion "What's Hot in Embedded Vision for Investors?"
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Adam Cohen, SKUR
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Takeo Miyazawa, Magik Eye and Feisal Afzal, Pound Capital
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Arun Chhabra, 8tree
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Pree Walia, Preemadonna
  • Vision Tank Presentation by Dmitry Morozov, 3Divi

Enabling Technologies Track:

  • "TensorFlow: Enabling Mobile and Embedded Machine Intelligence...
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