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"Fast Deployment of Low-power Deep Learning on CEVA Vision Processors," a Presentation from CEVA

Yair Siegel, Director of Segment Marketing at CEVA, presents the "Fast Deployment of Low-power Deep Learning on CEVA Vision Processors" tutorial at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit.

Image recognition capabilities enabled by deep learning are benefitting more and more applications, including automotive safety, surveillance and drones. This is driving a shift towards running neural networks inside embedded devices. But, there are numerous challenges in squeezing deep learning into resource-limited devices. This presentation details a fast path for taking a neural network from research into an embedded implementation on a CEVA vision processor core, making use of CEVA’s neural network software framework. Siegel explains how the CEVA framework integrates with existing deep learning development environments like Caffe, and how it can be used to create low-power embedded systems with neural network capabilities.