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BDTI leverages 25 years of experience in designing and implementing compute-intensive applications to help help companies create and use computer vision and deep learning technology. BDTI has particular expertise in:

  • Processor selection
  • Algorithm design
  • Software implementation and optimization

To see examples of BDTI services for computer vision, click on Services to the right.

BDTI is a technical analysis and engineering company, founded in 1991 to help companies take advantage of embedded processing technology. For 25 years, BDTI has enabled its customers to develop and use embedded processing, helping them reduce risk, build better products, and speed time to market and revenue.

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Presentations and Articles from BDTI on Computer Vision

Here are BDTI’s latest presentations and articles on computer vision. For a complete list, click on Embedded Vision Resources to the right.

The BDTI OpenCV Executable Demo Package easily allows anyone with a Windows computer and a web camera to experiment with OpenCV algorithms.


OpenCV is a collection of software algorithms in a library to be used by industry & academia for computer vision applications and research.


This BDTI project evaluated high-level synthesis tools that use C code (or other high-level languages) to generate FPGA designs.


For many, computer vision was first imagined as the unblinking red lens through which a computer named HAL spied on the world around itself.


In less-than-ideal optical systems, like those found in cheap smartphones and tablets, incoming frames will be distorted along their edges.