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"How Computer Vision Is Accelerating the Future of Virtual Reality," a Presentation from AMD

Allen Rush, Fellow at AMD, presents the "How Computer Vision Is Accelerating the Future of Virtual Reality" tutorial at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit.

Virtual reality (VR) is the new focus for a wide variety of applications including entertainment, gaming, medical, science, and many others. The technology driving the VR user experience has advanced rapidly in the past few years, and it is now poised to proliferate into these applications with solid products that offer a range of cost, performance and capabilities. The next question is: how does computer vision intersect this emerging modality? Already we are seeing examples of the integration of computer vision and VR, for example for simple eye tracking and gesture recognition. This talk explores how we can expect more complex computer vision capabilities to become part of the VR landscape and the business and technical challenges that must be overcome to realize these compelling capabilities.