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Vision In Wearable Devices: An Upcoming Conference Promises Plenty of Ideas (Plus a Registration Discount!)

Those of you who've already read the Alliance-authored article "Vision in Wearable Devices: Enhanced and Expanded Application and Function Choices" (and if you haven't yet, why not?) may now be looking for additional information that'll enable you to bring the ideas stimulated by your research to fruition. Consider the Wearables TechCon, taking place March 9-11 in Santa Clara, California as one possible avenue for this more in-depth education. From the conference organizers:

Wearables TechCon, March 9-11 in Santa Clara, expands beyond its DevCon roots to include a focus on both the hardware and software behind the coming generation of wearable technology. Classes and tutorials in the TechCon tracks will focus on embedded computing, hardware design, sensors, and physical technology, while tracks in the DevCon portion will focus on programming apps and mastering the SDKs of the next wave of computing devices. Use code WEARIT for a $200 conference discount off the 3-day pass.