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Upcoming Silicon Valley Meetup Presentations Discuss Image Pre-Processing and Smart Optimization for Vision

If you live in (or near) Silicon Valley, the Bay Area Computer Vision and Deep Learning Meetup Group would like to invite you to a pair of talks taking place on the evening of Tuesday, February 7. Judd Heape of ARM will speak on “Image Pre-Processing for Human and Computer Vision” and Dave Tokic of Algolux will speak on “Tuning Challenges and Smart Optimization for Vision Systems”. Networking begins at 6 pm and the presentations start at 7 pm. The Meetup will be held at Xilinx Headquarters, Building 4, at 2100 Logic Drive, San Jose, CA 95124; admission is $5. For more information and to register, please see

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We're looking forward to seeing the local imaging and computer vision community next week for the Meetup.

I expect great discussion and networking!