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The IHS Interactive Technology Summit: See How Vision Fits Into It

Embedded Vision Alliance member IHS may be more familiar to some of you as IMS Research; IHS acquired IMS in March 2012. The Interactive Technology Summit may be more familiar to some of you via its prior name, the Touch Gesture Motion Conference. And even the event's location and timeframe have changed; it used to take place in December and in Austin, Texas, but as of this year it occurs on October 22-25 and in San Jose, California. But thankfully, some things don't change; vision-implemented interactivity remains a core tenet of the show. To wit, once again this year Alliance founder Jeff Bier will be representing the organization, delivering the presentation "Embedded Vision: The Software-Defined Sensor." Here's an abstract:

Through embedded vision, systems and applications use visual inputs to learn more about their environments, which empowers them to be more responsive and intelligent. For many years, vision was an expensive technology relegated to niche applications like factory automation. Now, thanks largely to improvements in image sensors and processors, visual intelligence is proliferating into a rapidly expanding range of applications, including cost-, size- and power-constrained systems like consumer electronics. Through the combination of image sensors and programmable processors, embedded vision subsystems act as "software-defined sensors," enabling diverse functionality to be delivered via common hardware. For example, in interactive displays, embedded vision subsystems can implement gesture recognition, face detection, face recognition, gaze tracking and augmented reality. In this presentation, Jeff Bier will highlight the technology trends that are enabling the rapid proliferation of embedded vision, explore the range of capabilities that embedded-vision-enabled systems can deliver, and identify some of the key remaining challenges associated with deployment of embedded vision.

The Alliance will also be represented at the IHS Interactive Technology Summit by member company SoftKinetic. The title of his talk is "Reinventing the Remote," and here's a description of it:

Are you smarter than your remote control? Maybe not for long. New advances in 3D technology are enabling innovative ways to control and interact with everyday devices, enhancing augmented reality, virtual reality and gesture control. This session will explore the techniques and industry trends of 3D remote control.

For more information about the IHS Interactive Technology Summit, including an online registration form, please see the event page.