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Makeup Selection: An Embedded Vision-Based Determination

As I've mentioned before (several times, in fact, along with publishing a demonstration video), various embedded vision-based systems are now appearing that assist you in selecting which clothing (and what sizes of that clothing) you should purchase. Thanks to Engadget, I'm able to now tell you that Fujitsu has taken fashion to the next level. A cameraphone-based app (I'm trusting Engadget's translation here, since I don't speak Japanese) measures various facial characteristics, such as color, tone, oily-vs-dry condition and the amount, size and location of blemishes, and then recommends particular skincare products for purchase.

The Engadget writeup points out that the smartphone software is an in-your-pocket evolution of a Philips product announced several years ago (clever embedded vision pioneer, Philips is, wouldn't you say?). And there's no competitive comment yet from door-to-door Avon representatives or retail counter salespersons...