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Microsoft's Robotics Studio: Kinect-Inclusive And Finalismo

In early August of last year, I pointed out that Microsoft had released the first public beta of its Kinect SDK for Windows in mid-June, followed by a Kinect-cognizant services suite for Robotics Developer Studio R3 in mid-July. And, at the end of September, I mentioned that Microsoft had unveiled a beta for the follow-on Robotics Developer Studio R4 with integrated Kinect support.

Considering this past-history cadence, you might not be surprised to hear that, hot on the heels of Microsoft's publication of the "gold" Kinect for Windows SDK, the company has subsequently unveiled the final (and still free) "gold" build of Robotics Developer Studio R4. Kudos to Engadget for the coverage heads-up. And hit up the above video to check out an example of what the kit's Kinect-inclusive capabilities can deliver.