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Online Clothes Shopping: Bodymetrics' PrimeSense-Enabled Offering

Back in early November, I wrote about Bodymetrics' scanning booth, installed in London's Westfield Stratford shopping mall, which recommends the ideal pair of jeans after you strip to your skivvies and let it scan your bod. Within that same writeup, I also talked about UPcloud, whose product works with your computer webcam to enable surprise-free clothes shopping from the privacy of your own home.

Bodymetrics is apparently leaving no market opportunity stone unturned, because according to a writeup Dean Takahashi just filed at VentureBeat, it's moving beyond brick-and-mortar into UPcloud's cyber-shopping turf. Check out the above video, complete with a Kinect-reminiscent camera (then again, PrimeSense technology is at the nexus of Kinect, so the resemblance is perhaps understandable).

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This seems like a great development. Its something which was a common dream for a lot of people but now its actually possible. Great work!