December 29, 2012

Panorama Multi-Image Stitching: Clever Software Simplifies And Optimizes Capturing

Earlier this month, BDTI senior software engineer Eric Gregori and I delivered a technology trends presentation on embedded vision in mobile electronics devices at the Embedded Vision Alliance Member Summit, the video of which is currently being edited and I hope to publish soon here on the site. One of the key application areas that we discussed in depth is computational photography, which Wikipedia defines as:
December 29, 2012

Post-Capture Selective Focus: A Video-Capable DSLR Lets You Put The Concept To The Test

Interested in trying out plenoptic light field camera technology, but don't have access to a Lytro camera (or for that matter, a Toshiba sensor prototype)?
December 29, 2012

Post-Capture Selective Focus: Toshiba's Prototype Puts Lytro On Notice

Plenoptic camera technology, most commonly known nowadays by virtue of Lytro's ongoing promotion of the concept (and sales of the first-generation implementation), has received primary mainstream attention to date because the light field-based approach allows for post-capture selective focus on particular depth regions of an image.
December 14, 2012

The Humble, Pervasive Barcode: A Computer Vision Pioneer's Memorial Ode

Late last month, I shared the news of the death of Bryce Bayer, an Eastman Kodak scientist whose filter array breakthrough nearly 40 years ago is now in widespread use, enabling inherently monochrome CCDs and CMOS image sensors to capture full-spectrum color information.
December 5, 2012

Embedded Vision Is For The Birds...Literally

If you haven't yet viewed the video of Ken Lee's (VanGogh Imaging) presentation at September's Embedded Vision Summit, I commend it to your perusal. Lee begins with a quite hilarious story about an on-site audition he did of one of the first implementations of the company's products...running on automated inspection equipment at a hog farm, and used to monitor animal health.
December 5, 2012

Lytro: The Plenoptic Camera's Feature Set Continues To Grow

Lytro's light ray-based plenoptic camera technology, which enables post-capture selective focus on any particular depth region of an image, has received periodic mention on this site. Back in October of last year, for example, I covered the cameras' initial unveiling.
November 26, 2012

Smart Deblur: Something Right Out Of The TV Show "24"

Speaking of intelligent image processing algorithms, I encourage you to check out SmartDeblur, a Windows-based utility developed by Vladimir Yuzhikov that's intended for the restoration of defocused and blurred images. The developer writes: Main functions:
November 26, 2012

Raspberry Pi: A Cost-Effective, Increasingly Feasible Embedded Vision Platform Gets A Digital Eye

As a recent writeup in ExtremeTech rightfully notes, the $25-35 price point of the Raspberry Pi board in combination with its impressive capabilities at that cost:
November 25, 2012

Gesture-Enabled User Interfaces: Soon To Be Mainstream On Smartphones And Tablets?

Back in late September, I told you about Movi.Kanti.Revo, a client-side-rendered, HTML5- and web browser-based, and gesture interface-implemented application co-developed by Cirque du Soleil and Google. For the moment, at least, Movi.Kanti.Revo is only supported on conventional computers (along with a limited set of browsers, at that).
November 25, 2012

Android 4.2: Still "Jelly Bean", But A Beefier Panorama Mode And Other Features For You

Google didn't evolve the project name when incrementing from Android 4.1 (introduced in late June) to the more recent and latest 4.2 release. However, the newest "Jelly Bean" version makes several notable imaging improvements that will be of interest to embedded vision application developers.