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In-depth information about the embedded vision market, applications, technologies, products, and trends.

The content in this section of the website comes from Embedded Vision Alliance™ members and other industry luminaries. The Overview shows all of the content, sorted by date. Other tabs sort the material by type. If you'd like to contribute an original, in-depth article to the Alliance, propose your content in this section of the forum.

The first releases will support Intel GPUs and Renesas R-Car products, with other platforms becoming available soon.

Faced with the challenge of designing an image processing system, you may find yourself in a veritable jungle of options.

Alton Chen of MediaTek delivers a product demonstration at the March 2019 Vision Industry and Technology Forum.

Many AI applications have data pipelines that include several processing steps when executing inference operations.

A key difference between a company that is growing and one that is struggling is the real and perceived level of quality of its products.

The semantic segmentation algorithm for deep learning assigns a label or category to every pixel in an image.


Company achieved sales of 150 million euros and a pre-tax margin of more than 16% with a high increase in headcount.

Select Intel and Sony products can now be ordered; further lines and products for embedded vision applications are planned in the future.

As vehicles grow increasingly connected and packed with sensors, AI-based technologies will play a significant role in the human-machine I/F

In 2019, Allied Vision turns 30 and continues its success story with the market launch of Alvium.